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Five charged in corruption investigation
Five racing professionals including four licensed jockey’s and one licensed trainer have been charged as part of an investigation into horse racing corruption by the British Horseracing Authority, the RacingPost reports.

The same source also reports that two registered owners have also been charged as part of the same investigation. The BHA are expected to make an announcement later today (Friday) about the charges which are said to relate to a “multi-million pound” swindle. It is unclear how far the corruption spreads and whether it stretches beyond the UK to races in Australia and the United States.

The allegations of corruption stem from a reported horse betting scam which saw some of the jockey’s pocket up to £5,000 a time to not win races, while horse bets were placed by punters backing them not to pass the post in first place.

So far the BHA have remained tight lipped on their investigation, issuing a statement last month soon after the Grand National amidst furious speculation from some media outlets of corruption.

“We have a team of investigators who each have a number of on-going investigations into a variety of matters at any one time. The statement issued in April read.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on individual investigations except those that are already in the public domain or until such time as an investigation has been concluded and charges issued."

Coming just a week after two horses were killed during the national, Horse racing has found itself in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons of late, and any revelations about corruption will stain the sport’s reputation further.

Kerion Fallon was at the heart of the last high profile corruption scandal that engulfed the sport back in 2004. The jockey was eventually cleared after being charged with conspiracy to defraud in 2007.

Paul Scotney, director of integrity services, compliance and licensing at the BHA, is said to be leading the way with the investigation, and is expected to speak on the matter later today.

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