Funny Illegal Irish Highway Horse Racing
7/23/12 - Sometimes something so funny happens, you just have to write about it.

Well, this is one of those times.

We have all heard of illegal drag racing. It's sometimes done on city streets or highways and can cause horrific accidents.

But have you ever heard of illegal horse racing?

I hadn't either, until I saw this video of an illegal highway horse race in Ireland.

It appears as though 2 Gypsy Travelers are racing horses in trotting regalia on a busy highway somewhere in Ireland.

If i had not seen this video I would never have believed it myself. When the cops try to intervene between the 2 racers, madness ensues.

The video is funny because it appears no one was injured and in the end one of the buggers outran the cops.

This almost beats summer time at Saratoga, well not quite, but close.

By Kerry Zangara

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