Gulfstream Park Innovation should be applauded

Gulfstream Park in Florida has long been one of my favorite tracks. They offer an excellent racing product with big fields that are highly competitive.

Recently they have tweaked their wagering options, offering a so-called rainbow 6. Which is a pick 6 that can be played for a 10 cent wager. This is the type of innovative betting options that horse players crave. We want bets that offer everyone an equal chance to win. For the casual weekend player these type of wagering options allow for a small investment with a chance at a big return.

 Since I started gambling on horse races i never understood why you had to play the pick 6 for $2 amounts. This is one of the hardest wagers to hit in all of horse racing. By keeping the price of investment high they essentially killed the little guy. Offering him little or no chance of winning. I have known guys at the track who for years played the pick 6 and never hit a ticket. This was a bit sad i thought, but in a way proved my point. The pick 6 used to be for the high rollers, they were the only players who could afford to invest enough dough to actually have a fair chance of winning. By offering a 10 cent wager Gulfstream has leveled the playing field a bit.

Gulfstream also offers a $1 rolling daily double bet, which i just love. Again, you can risk a small amount and cover a few horses at the same time. There is no reason why every track should not follow the lead of Gulfstream. Offer $1 and 10 cent wagers on every bet. I think this is certainly feasible and all these dimes add up in your mutual pools.

Keep reducing the take-out when possible, offer these cheap wagers and i and hopefully other horseplayers will continue to vigorously support your race track.

Kudos to Gulfstream Park, you guys are doing the right thing by my standards.

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