Want to clean up racings image, start with mutual clerks!!

I am completely outraged by the mutual clerks in my area, they routinely provide me with less than adequate services. I am one of those bettors that has more than welcomed the self-service betting terminals as I loath visiting those unsavory tellers at my local racetrack.

I have been belittled, berated and badgered by these lower forms of life. I have cashed IRS tickets and been asked for so-called (loans) by these predators. These people often use foul language when dealing with customers. I have heard tones of "get away from my f**ing window" used more than once.

I was recently threatened with physical harm by one of them after complaining that he had shorted me almost $15. After paying me the short he accepted no responsibility and told me that it was my fault that I had quote "rushed him".

One of my favorite stories is a day when I was 5 cents short at the window for a bet. (Mind you that my normal wager is around $80 a race, mind you that I had tipped this teller less than a week before around $6 when cashing an IRS ticket.) He became angry and said "Do you expect me to cover this?" i was almost in disbelief at what i was hearing. A few days later a teller that i know and have done some internet work for had a talk with him for me and he profusely apologized for the situation that day. He told me that he was sorry and was having a bad day. I could have had the worst day of my life and not gotten mad over a nickel i thought to myself.

But rest assured that you tellers who act in these manners are on my list. You will receive no more courtesies from me and certainly don't expect a nickel!! when i cash one of those fat IRS winners!!.

To the few tellers who are good and friendly i sincerely apologize for this tirade, but the bad is most certainly outweighing the good at this point.

By the way my local racetrack is Hazel Park Raceway, located in Hazel Park Michigan. http://www.hazelparkraceway.com/

I am unfortunately forced to go there unless I want to bet online and believe me after dealing with the tellers there I am ready to re-open my Ubet account.

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