Own a Racehorse
Race Horse Ownership may not be for everyone. However for those with a few extra bucks to spend who are looking for the thrill of a lifetime, it may be just the thing for you.

It seems that many who make fortunes and are looking for an exclusive hobby, seem to find Horse Racing. It is truly the Sport of Kings and the rich. It is certainly not for everyone and can be risky, yet can also be quite rewarding.

Some treat Race Horse Ownership as a hobby, buying maybe a few horses or simply purchasing shares in them.

However, some actually treat it as a business and it can be big business for those in the know.

It's a sport that requires lots of research, tenacity, will and a little luck to be successful.

So do your homework first, and then and only then, if you feel comfortable take the plunge.
Buy a Horse In Chile

You might be asking yourself why would I want to own a racehorse in Chile?

First of all Chile is a beautiful country, it is also relatively inexpensive by American or European standards. This is especially true if you want to own a racehorse.

Chile is a large country, yet there only 4 major racetracks in Chile. Two are located in the capital Santiago, one in Vina Del Mar and the other is located in Concepcion.

We have secured an agreement with a high-quality trainer located in Chile. His home track is the Valparaiso sporting club, located in Vina Del Mar.

Vina Del Mar is a resort town in Chile, every summer thousands of tourists flock to the city. Many also routinely visit the racetrack, each summer the Chilean Derby is held here at the Valparaiso sporting club.

Our trainer, Nelson Espina, is an honest, hard-working man. He was first a successful jockey, this experience led him to later, become a trainer.

Mr. Espina has a very high win percentage as a trainer in Chile. (link to trainer statistics, Valparaiso Sporting Club) His son, Kevin Espina, is a young jockey in Chile. He often uses Kevin as a jockey for his stable and the younger Espina rarely disappoints.

What does it cost to get started?

Most racehorses in Chile cost around 5 million Chilean pesos. That might sound like a lot at first, but it's roughly equal to around $8,000 US dollars.

The normal offer is for a 50% stake in one race horse, this means we normally limit the horse to two investors in total. This means you can get started for as low as $4,000 US dollars.

Once we secure two initial investors, Mr. Espina then begins a selection of a high quality horse in training. This allows us to purchase a horse that is already race ready. This means that we can start racing immediately, with relatively little downtime between the purchase and our next race.

Are there monthly fees associated with owning a racehorse?

Yes, but once again they are relatively inexpensive by American or European standards. To house, feed and train your horse per month is around 220,000 Chilean pesos. That is equal to around USD$350, using todays exchange rate.

Remember, you are normally a 50% owner in the horse. This means that you split the fees equally with the other owner. So you pay in total around USD$175 per month.

All in all, Chile is a great place to buy a racehorse. It is both a modern and safe country, while many people here love horse racing.

You will also never miss a race your horse is in, as Chile offers live streaming video of all races. If you ever find time to visit Chile in person, you are always welcome to visit your horse. We would love to have you here, you can meet our trainer in person and of course see your horse race or train.

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Horse Racing Syndicates
A Horse Racing Syndicate is a great way to gain entry into the sport of kings.

Horse Racing Syndicates are a partnership that is formed to allow multiple owners in the same horse or even multiple horses. The shares are sold in percentages, similar to owning a share of stock.

You can usually purchase shares of a horse in as little as say a 5% stake. Some partnerships require larger stakes, or are limited to a maximum amount of investors.

The group of investors as a whole are responsible to pay for fees associated with the racing, training and upkeep of the race horse. This lets owners share the cost and risk of owning a racehorse, they also share in the fun of the endeavour.

If the horse becomes successful these syndicates can even become profitable. There are instances where members of a syndicate have been rewarded handsomely for their investment and even share in the breeding rights of successful racehorses.

These breeding rights have the potential to be worth millions in today's markets.

Barry Irwin's Team Valor racing syndicate is a prime example of a success story. The syndicate won the 2011 Kentucky Derby with a racehorse called "Animal Kingdom".

A Horse Racing Syndicate is a great way to gain entry into the sport of kings. Here is a list of Horse Racing Syndicates in Australia, with links to the sites.

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