The "All Button" can sometimes be a horse players best friend.

Sometimes, my friends, you just have to use the "all button" in races. I used to be somewhat intimidated by "all" tickets in the past. In a way I felt like it was almost cheating at times. I mean if you really have the skill necessary to be a good handicapper should you really have to resort to using "all".

But there are times when I wish I had used the "all" button in races. Most recently when i used 8 horses of a 10 horse field for 3rd and got beat. I kept looking at the program, going there is know way this horse should have gotten 3rd. But somehow it didn't change the fact that he did. The payoff was $3,157, had i used "all" for 3rd it would have only cost another $16 bucks.

I try to limit myself to a certain amount per wager and "all" tickets can get expensive fast, but there are times when you just need to punch an "all".  Like the time when you are solid on a few horses in the first 2 legs of a pick 3 wager, but the last race looks impossible. That might be an "all" situation.

If i find a horse with odds in a big field that seems to look pretty good I sometimes start off my betting with a $1 exacta wheel, my horse with "all".  Just in case he hooks up with a bomber. Sometimes it's good to back him up with an "all" with your horse for second too.

I have a friend who has hit some nice trifectas recently using "all" for first with logical runners for 2nd and 3rd. So whatever your wagering strategy is, be sure to include an "all" ticket from time to time. Because sometimes horses with little or no form fill some of the placings, while logical horses fill the rest, causing large payouts.

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