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Handicap The Races Ahead of Time for Better Results

Serious handicappers all have one thing in common. They do their homework in advance. That way they have a good idea of what they want to bet on before they hit the racetrack. To seriously get into a racing program it takes me at least an hour of handicapping time. That way I can access each horses running lines, post positions, jockeys, trainers, etc.

Handicapping should be fun, after all it is a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy the process of selecting winners. I like to get the form the night before and read it before I go to bed. Its kind of like a bedtime story for me, hopefully one with a happy ending tomorrow afternoon.

Make a note of the races you think are the most playable. Don't be afraid to mark up your racing form. I write comments all over mine. I circle and highlight things I think are the most important. That way I can go back to them later and really double check my first analysis.

When you get to the track and you have already handicapped the races in advance, you have an edge over your competition. You will be less likely to be swayed by betting moves, like false favorites. You will have more time to relax and enjoy the races.

Don't be afraid to make minor adjustments before making your wagers. But if you seem to really be changing your mind at the last second from what you earlier envisioned, you may want to reconsider betting the race. To me handicapping is like a racecar. The mechanic will have her tuned just right before the big race. But even up to and during it, he may have to make slight adjustments to fine tune his work. However, you will never see a mechanic trying to build an engine 5 minutes before an important race. Don't try the same thing 5 minutes to post time. by Kerry Zangara

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