Betting Angles: number plays & post positions

 There are times when pure number plays can net you a nice score. Sometimes a race is just too tough to handicap. It might be a maiden race with a bunch of first time starters. It could be a very wide open looking turf sprint.

You may have a good hunch that there is likely a big payout looming. But you are just unsure of what horses are going to fill the frame. In this situation you may want to try a pure numbers play.

A couple of examples that i have used with success are: the inside, outside play

This bet involves boxing the inside or outside half of horses in the field. For example in a 10 horse field you would box either 1-5 or 6-10. This way if it comes all inside runners, you win. Or, in contrast, if you box the outside and high numbers fall, then you win.

The odds or even play:

this play is interesting because certain tracks are now offering odd & even wagers in win only. Boxing them yourself is probably a better play. In this wager you box all the odd horses or all the even ones. Example, in a 10 horse field playing odd, you would box the 1-3-5-7-9 that's the odd play. The even play would be to box 2-4-6-8-10.

I've seen guys play column type bets with success. This is usually a play in a larger field. For example: in a 12 horse field you break it down into roulette style columns. 1-4 box is a play, 5-8 too and then lastly you box 9-12.

One thing about numbers is that you'll often see them fall together in a race. How many times have you seen 1-2-3 for instance or 9-8-7 in a race result?

If you are going to try a pure number play don't worry about the odds. Remember we are trying for bombers here. Remember to box your bet, i have hit some huge exactas with a numbers play when the race looked impossible to handicap.

If you are going to try a numbers play then look for a wide open looking race. Preferably one with no heavy chalk horse involved.

If you notice a track bias with either outside runners winning or inside posts coming in. You might want to stick with an inside or outside box depending on the situation.

Remember your goal at the track is to make money. Regardless of how you get the job done.

Try to think outside the box.
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