Try to visualize the race

 When I begin handicapping a race i try to visualize a few things in my head. First of all where is the speed going to come from? Will there be a clear pace setter or will there be several horses fighting for the lead? Who will be the stalkers in the race? Stalkers are classified as horses that can lie just off of the pace setters.

These horses are likely to benefit from their position in the race. Who are the true closers in the race? Which horses are void of early speed and will have to come from far back to win?

How is the track playing today? Is it fair? Are horses winning from the front end as well as closers. Is there a bias where speed horses are dominant on the lead or are all of the late closers in the winning?

There are many questions to ponder, yet that is part of the fun. I try to visualize several scenarios and determine which is the most plausible. Sometimes i am incredibly accurate, often times i am wrong. But again, that is part of the fun of the task. Try to visualize the stretch drive. Will it be a blanket finish?

Is the field closely matched? Or is there likely to be a runaway winner with the rest of the field looking to pick up the scraps. These questions will help you visualize the race in your head. Trust your instincts and bet accordingly. Have a game plan prior to placing your wagers and follow through with it.

Rarely, listen to the advise of others or let them sway your convictions about a race. As others are usually wrong. Go to the betting window with a game plan. Do you think that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots would ever call for a snap. Without first visualizing the play his team is about to run?

A horse race is similar to an NFL play drawn on a chalkboard. X's and O's could just as easily represent horses and jockeys. It is often said by top jockeys, that before the race is run, they try to visualize it in their heads.

Why then would horseplayers not attempt the same? Success is no accident. It takes hard work as well as trial and error. In the long run the results will be worth the effort.

Visualize the race before its run and get a leg up on your competition.

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